Social-Emotional Wellness Survey (SEWS)

Sample Student Survey for 6th to 8th grade.

SEWS is a 20 question, self-reported survey that gives school administration an at-a-glance assessment of the social and emotional wellbeing of individual students, grade-level groups, and entire student body. Surveys are designed to fit the language and comprehension of 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade students.

The primary questions elicit responses based on the level of student happiness, confidence and satisfaction in areas including honesty with family, response to physical or verbal bullying, understanding emotions in self and others, gratitude, rest and food sufficiency among others.          

11 questions relate to social wellbeing and 9 connect to emotional wellbeing.

Primary + Perception

Each primary question has the student responding with a 1-4 or 1-7 Likert scale response, but then lists statements that capture the student’s perception or behaviors in the context of that relationship or situation.

Rather than asking dozens of questions that are then interpreted based on means and standard deviations, the SEWS collects perception responses that reveal how the student views or manages higher or lower satisfaction levels in specific areas. For example, the student may report being highly satisfied with the way they are handling situations where they are “pushed or shoved.” The perception statement they choose from a low-score response of “get violent” to a high score response of “tell an adult when this happens” allows you to see how the student is dealing with people who physically harm them.

Example Social Emotional Wellness Survey for 6th to 8th grade.

Individualized – Actionable Reports

Our objective for the SEWS is to create data that is actionable. The marriage of satisfaction responses with perception statements provides insights for counselors and teaching staff to understand the social-emotional factors which are contributing to students already exhibiting disruptive or oppositional behaviors. These reports also bring students onto the radar of school staff who are struggling with their emotions and/or interpersonal relationships but are doing so without manifesting these struggles outwardly.

Editable and Active

Each individualized report and the interval comparison report is delivered as a PDF and provides editable text boxes for Summary/Interpretation notes and Action Recommendations. These notes can be created as a part of the PBIS Tier 2 and 3 interventions by creating action steps designed to move a student from lower to higher social-emotional coping perspectives and behaviors.

Sample Administrator Report for the Social Emotional Wellness Surveys

Administration Reports

At a glance, school administrators are able to see where the aggregate social and emotional wellness scores are trending in analytic comparisons between grades all across your student body. You are also able to see averaged student responses in relation to specific survey questions/categories within each grade and contrast them to other semester or annual interval reports.

We’ve prioritized making this data understandable, easy to read, and actionable. Your job is too demanding to sacrifice the time required to read intricate data reports, and your students need more than generic recommendations for school-wide social-emotional wellness reforms.

This survey puts practical analysis into the hands of administrators so you can make focused staffing decisions and onboard targeted programming to address the greatest needs among your students.