Social Emotional Exploration (SEE) Groups

Elevate has effective and scalable solutions to meet the needs of 3rd-5th grade students.

Social and Emotional Development

Research is verifying what most educators have known for a long time. The social and emotional wellness of students bears a direct impact on their academic success. To address this need, we spent time with therapists and experienced educators to explore best practices for advancing the social-emotional development of elementary aged children. We also researched, reviewed, and tested dozens of play-therapy games, activities, and SE themed books. We combined that professional knowledge with effective tools into a system that effectively aids the social and emotional development of 3rd through 5th grade students.

Our train the trainer program offers:

  • Online/on-demand video content that provides understanding of the cognitive, emotional, and social development
    of children in these age groups, along with practical solutions for effective group management and facilitation.
  • A week-by-week plan of recommended activities scheduled out for an entire school year.
  • Sample forms for you to use in presenting the groups and securing parental permission for student participation.
  • A full kit of resources including all recommended play-therapy games, activity guides, Social-emotional
    themed story books and student interactive objects and rewards.
  • Four hours of remote support from our training professionals. They are available to help with implementation and planning
    and offer experienced suggestions in debrief meetings as you launch SEE groups on your campus.


“I don’t know why I’m here. I’ve been to so many parent training that I could probably teach this class.”

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This was the exact statement a man stated to one of the facilitators on the first night of a Coaching Solutions Group. We understand the frustration of being offered tips and ideas on parenting that just don’t work… at least not for you.

After watching one of the other parents coached through a problem she was facing and arriving at a point of action that she owned and felt confident to initiate, the frustrated man was amazed at how much the coached parent had been helped. He asked to be coached in the next group meeting and made significant progress personally and as a parent.

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Elevated Results

What our students learned most is how to cope with situations and we see them using the communication and coping skills outside of the groups.

-C.H., Elementary School Principal