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Jack Witt

Program Development Director

Jack brings a Master’s level education in strategic leadership along with a successful training/consulting track record to the Elevate team. His skills include coaching services with a special emphasis on conflict resolution and improving social/emotional intelligence; creating personal development plans for individuals.

His training as a certified academic coach and work within for-profit and non-profit corporations has given him a unique and valuable perspective which he contributed to the development and deployment of the EYS program.

Arden Carr

Trainer & Regional Director

Arden has devoted his career to the emotional wellness of youth and families. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he supervised alcohol and drug prevention programs from 2012-2016. Since 2016 Arden has helped hundreds of individuals by providing counseling services and serving as the Regional Program Director for Lassen Counseling in northern California. Arden joined the Elevate Youth Solutions team in 2018 and has been instrumental in shaping the program content. He trains and supervises mentor-coaches in addition to coaching Elevate Basecamp groups for middle school through college aged youth and leading Elevate Coaching Solutions groups for parents.

His personal mission is to develop innovative social-emotional wellness and leadership trainings and counseling services for community parents and youth.

Alyssa Clark

Coaching Coordinator

Alyssa has worked in various youth outreach programs beginning in 2008. Since 2018 she has been working as a life coach for Elevate Youth Solutions. Within Elevate, she has worked with a dozen schools in Northern California assisting them with their coaching programs for teens ranging from 6th-12th grade. Through these groups Alyssa has impacted over 100 students. Along with coaching, her skillset includes: data management, content creation, marketing, and all of the intangibles between.

Alyssa’s hobbies include yoga, running, outdoor adventures, and road trips with her husband, two boys, and a Labrador Retriever.

Mike Logan

Visionary Founder

Mike has a proven track record as a entrepreneur; building a foster family agency from the ground up to become the primary provider of foster care services in three northern California counties. His understanding of markets, competition and ability to see trends developing at a distance has contributed to expansion projects including counseling services, social enterprise businesses and philanthropic efforts impacting transitional youth and homeless teens throughout the region. His life’s mission is to affect change in the lives of others.

The Origin of Elevate Youth Solutions

Elevate Youth Solutions was created and operates under the guidance of the Board of Directors for Children First Foster Family Agency. Children First has been securing the lives of at-risk children for over 20 years in three northern California counties. The rich history of this 501(c)3 includes foster placements, family counseling services, transitional housing programs and the creation of a fund to assist homeless High School teenagers.

Elevate is proud of our connections to a vibrant, effective and financially secure non-profit corporation that has and continues to provide social and economic benefits in whatever they do. For more information on Children First, please visit this site:

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